Please not this produce only work when master key is available and works on slot key models. If you have valet key then key need to programmed using diagnostic key programming tool.


To find out if your key is master key or valet key just simply insert the key into the slot. Get in and keep an eye on the flashing security light as you put your key in the slot. A Master key will extinguish the light immediately, while a valet key will extinguish the light after 2-3 seconds. 

Manual procedures

Manual additional key programming procedure

  • Ensure drivers door is closed, key removed from slot.
  • Insert and remove the master key 5 times leaving in on the 5th.
  • Open and close drivers doors 6 times.
  • Remove the master key from the slot.
  • Security light should turn on solid.
  • Insert new key to be programmed into slot. The security light will flash normally.
  • After 60 seconds the flashing light will stop, the key is now programmed

Remote programming procedure

  • Make sure the drivers door is open and unlocked and key is out of the slot. Make sure brake is not depressed.
  1. INSERT and REMOVE the key from the slot twice within 5 seconds.
  2. CLOSE and OPEN the drivers door twice within 40 seconds.
  3. INSERT and REMOVE the key from the slot once.
  4. CLOSE and OPEN the drivers door twice within 40 seconds.
  5. INSERT the key into the slot
  6. CLOSE the door.
  7. Press and release the Power/Start Button to turn dash ON and then press and release the Power/Start Button to turn dash OFF, equal to the number of times for the desired function below:
  • 1 time for ADD.
  • 2 times for REWRITE.
  • 3 times for CONFIRMATION.
  • 5 times for PROHIBITION.

8. Remove the key from the slot

  • To confirm your selection of all modes except CONFIRMATION, the power locks will now cycle LOCK to UNLOCK a number of times corresponding the mode selected.
  • If CONFIRMATION mode has been selected, the power door locks will now cycle in 2 seconds intervals) a number of times corresponding to the number of transmitters currently registered.

9. Opening the door will complete the procedure.

NOTE : If PROHIBITION mode has been selected, opening the door will complete the procedure.

10. For ADD or REWRITE modes, within 20 seconds of Door Lock confirmation proceed as follows :

(a) Press both transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously between 1 and 1.5 seconds and release.

(b) Within 3 seconds of step (a), press the transmitter LOCK button for more than 1 second and release.

(c) If the transmitter has been successfully programmed, the power locks will cycle LOCK to UNLOCK once at this time. If there are problems with the procedure up to this point, the locks will cycle twice, in which case you must go back and repeat the above steps (a) and (b).

(d) If multiple transmitters are to be programmed, repeat the above steps (a) to (c).

11. Open the drivers door to complete the procedure.