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AIRKEY – 2-Channel Garage Remotes

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Spare key supplied cut and programmed at our shop in Welshpool Perth, Western Australia.

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    • AIRKEY 2 channel garage remote
    • Employs sophisticated code hopping technology and an encryption algorithm to achieve an extremely high level of security
    • Code hopping is a method by which the code transmitted from a transmitter to a receiver is different every time a button is pushed
    • This method, coupled with a transmission length of 69 bits, virtually eliminates the use of code grabbing or code scanning
    • Controls up to two different doors
    • Suitable for pocket or key chain


    • Number of Buttons: 2
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Colour: Black body & black buttons
    • Suits: AIRKEY Garage Door Opener D7 – P34
    • Frequency: 433Mhz

    Remote Programming Procedure

    Program Remote to Receiver

    1. Press and hold the ADD button on the receiver (garage door

    motor.) The Red LED will light up.

    1. Press any button on the new remote to be added. The Red LED

    will blink to indicate a successful program.


    Program Existing Remote to New Remote

    1. While within the operational range of the receiver (garage

    door motor), simultaneously press buttons 1 and 2 of an

    existing remote, then press any button on the new remote

    within 2 seconds.

    Delete All Remotes (Clear Lost Remotes)

    1. Press and hold the CLR button on the receiver for about 5

    seconds. The Red LED on the receiver (garage door motor) will

    light up to indicate that all memory has been cleared.

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